Bridge Over River

Our first session

You may be feeling nervous about your first counselling session. Our first meeting will be an opportunity for you to decide whether I am the right counsellor to help you. 

Before the session I will send you a copy of my counselling contract. I will also send you a form to complete with some details about yourself, including whether you have had counselling before.

In the 50 minute session I will invite you to tell me about yourself and what has brought you to counselling. I will also ask what you are hoping to get from your counselling sessions. 

The first session is a chance for you to experience person centred counselling and for you to ask any questions you may have about this type of counselling and working with me. By the end of the session we will decide whether to work together. 

If we agree to go ahead, I will ask you to sign my counselling contract and we will arrange future sessions.